5kW Off-grid System

$30,500 excl. GST

A 5-kW off-grid system with 12 solar panels, a 5-kW Victron inverter, and a 14.2-kW battery is ideal for 2-3 bedroom remote household with no access to grid power or if you are wanting to go completely off-grid. It generates 20-25 kWh of electricity daily, enough to power lights, fans, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Solar panels capture sunlight and the Victron inverter converts DC power into AC power for home use. Excess energy generated during the day is stored in the 14.2-kW battery for use at night or during low sunlight.

This system is perfect for self-sufficient, eco-conscious households and can provide a reliable backup during power outages.

This system includes:

  • 12 Trina solar panels
  • 5-kW Victron inverter
  • 2-kW battery bank
  • Solar charge controller
  • DC disconnect
  • AC disconnect
  • Battery monitor
  • Wiring and cables
  • Mounting hardware