In an extraordinary accomplishment, Tu Mai Ra Energy recently installed a 40kW solar array at Te Ore Ore Marae, specifically designed to power up to 9 kaumatua. This impressive project utilized a total of 110 solar panels, along with a 30kW inverter and a 10kW inverter. Its main goal is to offer the community a sustainable energy solution while reducing their reliance on non-renewable sources. The solar power generated will be equitably distributed among all homes, ensuring each whānau benefits equally.

This initiative holds immense significance as it addresses pressing issues such as energy poverty and climate change. Many communities face the hardships of energy poverty, with vulnerable whānau often being the most affected. High energy costs can exacerbate financial struggles, perpetuating poverty. By providing clean energy to these families, Tu Mai Ra Energy’s project can alleviate financial pressure and lower energy costs.

Moreover, the project strives to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable energy practices. Non-renewable energy sources are major contributors to carbon emissions, leading to the adverse effects of climate change. Through the utilization of clean and renewable solar power, Tu Mai Ra Energy’s project actively contributes to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability.

A significant aspect of the project lies in its focus on community empowerment. By providing clean energy to whānau in their homes, the initiative improves access to essential services like heating, lighting, and cooking. This enhances the overall quality of life for whānau, empowering them to take charge of their energy consumption.

The installation of the project at Te Ore Ore Marae is particularly meaningful due to the marae’s deep connections to Rangitāne (as well as Ngāti Kahungunu). Te Ore Ore Marae was established in the early 1880s under the guidance of the esteemed prophet Paora Potangaroa. The whare tipuna Ngā Tau e Waru, built under the leadership of Chief Wi Waaka, was opened on January 5, 1880, unfortunately destroyed by fire in 1939. However, the current whare, opened in March 1941, continues to symbolize the ancestral ties of the marae to the maunga Rangitūmau, the awa Ruamahanga, and the waka collective of Kurahaupō. The marae’s strong connections to Rangitāne and Ngāti Kahungunu further add to the pride and importance of being part of such meaningful projects that benefit Maori communities.

Overall, Tu Mai Ra Energy’s solar array project at Te Ore Ore Marae stands as a highly significant initiative, addressing crucial issues by providing clean energy to vulnerable whānau, reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainability, empowering communities, and supporting Māori cultural practices. It is our hope that initiatives like this inspire other communities and organizations to invest in clean energy and embrace sustainable practices, fostering a greener and more inclusive future for all.

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